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Metagenome analysis data
from Japanese healthy people
Literature text mining data
for cosmetic ingredients related to skin microbiomes

About JSMD

JSMD (Japanese Skin Microbial Database) is the database which analyzes skin microbiomes, collected from Japanese cheeks. Skin microbiomes from healthy people and their skin conditions have been analyzed to create mutual relationships between skin conditions and significant bacterial flora. Additionally, the latest literature of cosmetic ingredients related to skin microbiomes will be released weekly so that such information would be utilized for your research or product development. 
Skin microbiome big data by genome analysis and skin conditions
  • Skin conditions vs characteristics of the skin microbiomes.

  • What kind of microbiomes are Japanese cheeks

Skin microbiome literature navigation system
  • Weekly providing literature, showing relationships skin microbiomes and cosmetic ingredients.

  • Contents includes PubMed text mining results using keywords from Cosmetic ingredients database's chemical name and taxon name detected on Japanese Cheeks.

JSMD Japanese Skin Microbiome Database

JSMD Japanese Skin Microbiome Database

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