Metagenome@Kin measures the composition and diversity of microbial species in many environments including water, soil, microbiota, yogurt & probiotics, and beer. The wide range of its applications makes it a useful resource to countless fields including the food and medical industries. Reads taken from the next generation sequencer will be automatically annotated with taxon ID by BLAST or RDP Classifier, and grouped by taxonomic rank. Automatic clustering tools for metagenome research (PCA, HCL, SOM) are also included with the software. OTU function also included.


Main Functions and Features

  • Metagenomic analysis of bacteria to classify taxonomic ranks

  • Fungal Metagenomic analysis from RDP Classifier results with ITS 1/2 sequence data

  • Automatically create taxonomy tables from BLAST or RDP Classifier results

  • OTU functions

  • User defined BLAST filter settings

  • Confidence value filtering ability for the RDP Classifier results

  • Taxonomic classification of bacteria follows the NCBI taxonomy rule

  • All analyses can be performed through the user friendly GUI interfac

  • 16S/18S rRNA databases provided

  • Exporting an HTML report is available to share result data

  • Customizations available

Metagenonimc 16S/28S/ITS Data Analysis Software



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Example of Metagenome@Kin Result


Sunburst Graph Metagenome Analysis

Sunburst chart, pie chart, and bar chart are created automatically after dropping the files into Metagenome@Kin. Mouse over each section for microbe name and number of hit reads.


Reject Hits Pie Chart Metagenome@Kin

You can include rejected hits - reads which did not not meet the filter conditions during the @Kin analysis stage, or reads excluded based on BLAST settings - and view them as graphs or clustering analysis.

Bar chart metagenome analysis

Multiple samples can be analyzed and displayed as a bar chart. The bar chart compares the microbial composition and diversity among various samples.


Heat clustering Metagenome@Kin

Statistical analysis tools are automated in Metagenome@Kin, it generates heat clustering, 2D, 3D, and interactive PCA, PCoA and SOM plots.


DOWNLOAD a Sample Interactive Analysis Report 
Unzip the file & open the "index.html" file in FireFox



Windows 7/8/10 64bit, 16G RAM 


Input data format:

Tab delimited BLAST result / RDP Classifier result

(QC/BLAST/RDP Classifier tools available upon request or Homology Analysis Tool)


Other software:

R 3.1 or later and Java 8 or later


* Metagenome@KIN trial version is a free tool and available. All features except OTU are available for 2 weeks after installtion.

 It provides taxonomic names and counts, pie graphs, sunburst graphs, and bar graphs up to the Genus rank. In order to download the trial version, click the button above.

Please note that your computer has at least Java 8 version.  

OTU Picking Tool

OTU Picking Tool is available to those who have purchased Metagenome@KIN

OTU_Picking_Tool creates Blast result file required for OTU frequency analysis implemented from Metagenome @ KIN ver2.3beta from Fastq / Fasta file.

By using OTU_Picking_Tool, it is possible to assign an OTU number to a 16s rRNA sequence that does not exist in the Blast Database, output it to the Blast result, and display it in the bacterial flora analysis result with @KIN.


Homology Analyais Tool (FREE)

Homology Analysis Tool

(- includes BLAST, RDP Classifier, and 16S/28S/ITS databases (DDBJ New!))


This tool can be used to execute BLAST or RDP Classifier from fasta or fastq files.  It will annotate NGS data with taxonomic information about the microbial species in the sample. Local BLAST and RDP Classifier tools are included in the download folder, along with DDBJ, NCBI gbbct, UNITE ITS, and GreenGene databases.





Homology Analysis Tool for Windows 

(OS: Windows 10)


Homology Analysis Tool Features:

  • Miseq Pair-end Fastq file marging (Only for Windows)

  • Fastq File QC

  • Read Clustering

  • Local Blast

  • RDP classifier



This tool is provided free of charge courtesy of World Fusion.  It was created as a companion tool for Metagenome@Kin.