World Fusion is the leading Bio- and Chem- informatics company in Japan. Since 1996, World Fusion has been developing various bioinformatics tools for Japanese researchers. We have been involved in many projects, such as "human genome projects", "genome wide association studies", and "proteome projects" in Japan, and those experiences have kept us at the top of the Japanese bioinformatics scene. More recently we have been focusing on therapetic target discovery, gene expression analysis, variant analysis, and developing metagenomic and metatranscriptomic data analysis tools.



Over 50 pharmaceutical companies, and several hundred academic and government researchers in Japan use our products and services. We support everything from basic research to large projects such as GWAS, and also support many types of drug discovery projects and biomarker research.


Core Technology

We continually seek and develop new technologies with future trends in mind:

  • Advanced analysis techniques of bioinformatics and chemoinformatics

  • Know-how of handling public databases, and knowledge of how that information can be used effectively for data analysissuch as microarrays or next generation sequencing

  • Creating keyword dictionaries from public databases including chemical structures

  • Techniques for discovering target genes using disease model animals

  • Engineering techniques for the creation of our knowledge database for the field of drug discovery





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