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COVID-19 Literature Navigation System
providing weekly update 

COVID-19 related literature information
using by Text mining technology
  • Literature of diseases

  • Literature of symptoms

  • Literature of drugs

  • Literature of mechanism of actions

  • Literature based on regions

About COVIA-19 Literature Navigation System

  • Important literature will be weekly updated among literature of COVID-19, SARS, and MARS.
  • COVID-19 related literature, including its disease, symptoms, genes, drugs, mechanism of actions, and regional categories, from the latest (about a week) and the last three years, will be introduced through a public database, PubMed, provided by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). 
About data mining
  • Data mining is based on World Fusion’s LSKB engine ontology database and utilizes the weekly updated PubMed data internally.
  • This version is only using co-occurrence technology, not using AI based technologies such as BERT, If you are interested in AI based data mining technology, please visit LSKB page.
We Need Your requests
At this moment, this literature navigation is still an alpha version. The system is planned to be modified in the future. Your requests and feedback, including noises of keywords, any mistakes of mining literature, or ways of display would be highly appreciated. 
Last updated date

Literature of related diseases

Period                                 Number of Literature

Literature of related symptoms

Period                                 Number of Literature

Literature of related genes

Period                                 Number of Literature

Literature of related drugs

Period                                 Number of Literature

Literature of related Mechanism of Action


Literature of related Location

Period                                 Number of Literature

About LSKB

LSKB, Life Science Knowledge Bank
A comprehensive drug discovery application for target discovery and decision platform.
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