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Life Science Knowledge Bank

LSKB - Life Science Knowledge Bank

Comprehensive Application for Drug Discovery / Genomic Research

~ Borderless Data Mining for Informatics Researchers ~

LSKB is a powerful tool created to facilitate and accelerate the research process of new drug discovery or genomic research. LSKB contains over 60 million non-redundant chemical compounds, each one directly linked to data sources giving you instant access to virtually all known information about the compound.  Several analysis functions are available including variant analysis and gene expression 

annotation. Weeks or months of traditional research can be accomplished in a few short minutes using LSKB.

High Throughput Sequencing Data Analysis Tool for the 16S rRNA Gene 

It measures the composition and diversity of microbial species in natural environments such as water and soil, and useful across multiple fields, including the food and medical industries. Simply drag-and-drop the NGS data in the window, and it is filtered, sorted, and organized by taxonomy ID, reading counts, and grouped by taxonomic rank. Several statistical analyses will also be performed automatically.


Automated Metatranscriptomic Data Analysis Tool 

Metatranscriptome@Kin analyzes NGS RNA sequence data. It monitors the transcripts expressed by microorganisms in a sample (soil, faeces, sludge, etc.). This is acheived via frequency analysis of functional categories based on data from the NCBI COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups) Database. Analysis results include the expressed protein functions, pathways related to those proteins, and the expected metabolic compounds. Charts and graphs are automatically generated.

Homology Analysis Tool (FREE)

Homology Analysis Tool (FREE)

File Creation Tool for BLAST or RDP Classifier

This tool is useful to create BLAST or RDP Classifier files from fasta or fastq files. This user friendly tool is free of charge courtesy of World Fusion. You can use this application as companion tool for Metagenome@Kin. 


LaboServer (FREE)

Omics Data Management Software

LaboServer is software that manages analysis data such as NGS and microarray, data from analysis machines along with annotations of genes or variants, experimental metadata, and sample information. This is an ideal tool compactly organizes analysis results and information. 



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