• 1/22/29: LSKB Ver5.2.0 is available now

Database Updates

1) Addition of Text-mining data of disease names from Gene RIF
2) Updated Tissue dictionary
3) Function dictionary (New)
4) Addition of Description tabled in all dictionaries
5) Addition of Pharmacologic Class annotations
6) Addition of Clinicaltrial data
7) Addition of CYP data
8) Addition of Pathway Gene sets for GSEA
9) Addition of Max phase information in Chemical dictionary

System Updates
1) Renewal of trend graphs by HTML
2) Renewal of LSKB Header
3) Discontinue the support of Benchware 3D Explorer(Certara)

Functional Updates
1) Target Explorer: From: Muitiple Disease IDs - To Target Explorer
Prioritize targets from selected multiple disease IDs by several data with confidence scores.

2) rsID2disease: From : Muitiple rsIDs - To Disease
A list of meaningful diseases from multiple rsIDs

Disease related updates
1) Addition of Clinical trial tab
2) Graphical view of disease classifications
3) Drug Table updates
4) Changed "target" tab to "target explorer"

Chemical related updates
1) Addition of Clinical trial tab
2) Addition of Disease tab
3) Addition of ADMET tab
4) Modification of Patent tab
5) Addition of Pharmacology tab

Gene related update
1) Addition of pathway tab

Protein related updates
1) Addition of Drug tab
2) Modification of GO tab
3) Renamed "Function" tab from GO
3) Addition of Domain tab by integrating Pfam tab and interpro tab

Tissue related updates
1) Tissue details page (New)

Function related updates
1) Function details page (New)

Tree Browser updates
1) Addition of "send UniProt Name" from EC tree.
Filtering function in tables

Main Menu updates
1) Updated Disease name search

  • 12/1/16: Metagenome@Kin Ver2.3 has been released.

New Features and Improvements

- Principal Component Analysis (PCoA) using UniFrac distance is now available. * some restrictions may apply

- Result display of hierarchial clustering analysis has been fixed: Species names were overrapping and could not see before, but now you can set the number of species appearance in the sample frequency. 

- Unidentified microbes with unknown 16S rRNA sequence codes can be counted using OTU sequences. 

- Reads, not satisfying BLAST filters, are now described as unclassified hits instead of rejected hits. 

  • 9/6/16: LSKB Ver5.1.0 is available now

- PubMed Article Viewer

 A comprehensive function that directly searches keywords in the LSKB dictionary or highlights keywords of titles or abstracts in PubMed, is added.

- Terminology Analysis Function of Publication List

 This function describes a category of genes, diseases, chemicals, organs and tissues, or taxonomy in a publication list. 

- Bookmark Function

 This function saves a displayed page and retrieves the page at a necessary timing, is added. In the current version, this bookmark function is available in a Gene Detail page, a Protein Feature page, and a Chemical Annotations page.

  • 8/25/16: Metagenome@Kin Ver2.3 Beta has been released.

New Features and Improvements

- Principal Component Analysis (PCoA) using UniFrac distance is now available. * some restrictions may apply

- Result display of hierarchial clustering analysis has been fixed: Species names were overrapping and could not see before, but now you can set the number of species appearance in the sample frequency. 

- Unidentified microbes with unknown 16S rRNA sequence codes can be counted using OTU sequences. 

- Reads, not satisfying BLAST filters, are now described as unclassified hits instead of rejected hits. 

  • 8/2/16: Metagenome@Kin trial version has been released. Detail. ​
  • 4/11/16: Press Release: Partnership with eMolecules!


eMolecules and World Fusion US, Inc Partner to Provide Chemical Products and Outstanding Research Tool

San Diego, CA – April 11, 2016 - eMolecules and World Fusion US, Inc today announced a global partnership to provide researchers an easy access to purchase chemical compounds and a comprehensive knowledge tool, called “Life Science Knowledge Bank” (LSKB) to assist their research.

“We are really excited about the opportunities that this partnership creates and we view this as a great start in our vision of enabling the Japanese marketplace to reduce the cost of drug discovery” said Dr. Niko Gubernator, CEO at eMolecules, Inc. “Not only does this partnership extend our reach into the Japanese marketplace, but the integration of World Fusion’s LSKB informatics platform with eMolecules’ supply chain intelligence further empowers our US and European customers in their quest to discover new drug therapies.”


eMolecules focuses on improving the quality of life for everyone affected by the world’s chronic and curable diseases by enabling scientists to accelerate drug discovery. eMolecules provides business intelligence data, integrated ecommerce software, as well as acquisition, aggregation and analytical services for the screening compound, chemical building blocks and primary antibody supply chains, to drug discovery researchers working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, CRO and agrochemical industries.


 “Together with eMolecules, we are excited about the potential of the new LSKB system, which our existing customers can easily purchase chemical compounds or antibodies through LSKB,” said Kozo Kawahara, Chief Executive Officer of World Fusion US, Inc. Using LSKB, researchers can access to purchasable chemicals or antibodies from interactions between protein targets and chemicals or well defined disease target proteins. “eMolecules users also will be able to predict target proteins or find similar structure-based compounds from their purchased compounds. Without strong informatic knowledge, researchers will not be able to find them. Also, this partnership will definitely give researchers the opportunity of the easiest way from purchasing to R&D. “


LSKB is a BioMed research and Chemical research platform using database knowledge and several prediction algorisms which includes diseases, genes and proteins, variants, chemicals and interactions building several algorisms and text mining. World Fusion offers a free version of LSKB with limited functions and a personal version of LSKB, which can be used for either BioMed research purposes or Chemical research purposes. Also the full-function version called LSKB Suite is available for industrial users. Users can access to eMolecules from any versions of LSKB. For additional information, please visit:


A privately owned company, eMolecules was founded in 2005 at its San Diego headquarters and has offices in Boston and London employing over 40 people across the three sites.

World Fusion was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1996, and opened a stateside office in San Diego, California in late 2013.  LSKB went into development in 2004, and has helped to establish World Fusion as a leader in bio and cheminformatics with pharmaceutical companies and research institutions in Japan and around the globe.


Press Contact:

Dr. Haydn Boehm

eMolecules Inc.

+44 1438-791108


Yoko Suzuki

World Fusion US, Inc.

+1 619-542-7879



  • 1/12/16: LSKB Free Lite-Site is Launched. Detail

  • 12/10/15: stay tuned for an exciting collaboration announcement with eMolecules!

  • 10/22/15 LSKB 5.0 now available, see new functions and features here

  • 10/6/15 Come visit us in booth 1915 at ASHG 2015!

  • 9/1/15 Metatranscriptome@Kin has completed beta testing, thank you to all who participated!

  • 6/18/15 Thanks to everyone who stopped by World Fusion Tokyo Division in the Japan Pavilion at BIO2015!

  • 6/3/15 Thanks to everyone who stopped by at ASM, of you didn't receive a free trial of Metagenome@Kin, you may sign up for one here

  • 4/22/15 Metagenome@Kin ver 2.2 is now available!

  • 4/2/15 Anyone at the UCLA campus today should stop by the Biotechnology Calendar event and visit our booth!

  • March 2015: LSKB 4.5 coming late spring early summer 2015, check back for details

  • 2/12/15: Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at UCSD's biotech calendar event today!

  • 1/23/15: Thanks to everyone who came to our presentation at UCLA yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

  • 11/06/2014: Lumenogix Collaboration Officially Announced! See overview


  • 11/3/2014: LSKB version 4.4 is now available!  See here for details 


  • NEW FOR LSKB 4.4: Therapeutic Target Discovery


  • The upcoming version release of LSKB will have an entirely new search feature and dataset - Therapeutic Target Discovery. This feature will support therapeutic direct development and medical research with a focus on molecular diagnostics. Among the many new features this will include, is the ability to search for disease from SNPs and therapeutic target protein, PDB & also search from chemical to therapeutic target protein, PDB... STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION!


  • 04/01/2014: Product Update Release LSKB4.3 The compound search became more useful by the classification of the protein contents into enzyme, GPCR, and KINASE. Add the patent information of the compound, enabling the structure search to the patent infromation.Also enhanced the in-house experimental data management, be able to search your own data gather with original LSKB knowledge including gens, chemicals and disesas.I was equipped with Molecular Framework is the backbone of the compound


  • 11/14/2013: Press Release World Fusion US, Inc. has launched out LSKB in USA World Fusion US, Inc., 100% owned by World Fusion Co. Ltd. has started their business in San Diego, California. As a bio/cheminformatic company, World Fusion supplies various products and services for drug discovery, genome research, and data mining and contributes significant research developments to customers.World Fusion introduces LSKB (Life Science Knowledge Bank), facilitates research productivity. LSKB is a software product for the purpose of drug discovery from chemical and biological data resources by utilizing several databases. As one of big LSKB characteristics, LSKB manages over 20 public databases, including information of genes, diseases, proteins, or chemical compounds/structures. Moreover, LSKB allows users to integrate their own experiment results as in-house data into the system. This knowledge can be used as annotations, so users can quickly retrieve genetic or chemical information of interest. Implemented both public and in-house data in LSKB enable biological and chemical scientists to not only save their time but also reduce their extra costs for their research. For biological purposes, LSKB-stored information of interactions between chemical compounds and related genes provides a list of chemical candidates by using all public and in-house data aspects. This plays an important role for drug discovery. Furthermore, LSKB organizes data of genes and mutations, analyzed from microarray or NGS experimental data by users. These all registered data can be accessible anytime and used as future references in the LSKB system.For chemical purposes, LSKB contains over 60 million chemical entries. Since these entries are connected to public data sources, such as PDB and ChEMBL, users can easily examine chemical interactions with proteins, their activities values, and pathways within the LSKB system. LSKB will be regularly updated, and this accelerates research discoveries. For more information, please visit:http://lskb.jpWorld Fusion Co. Ltd., established in 1996, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. World Fusion serves to pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutions in both Japan and overseas.


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