Automated Metatranscriptome Analysis Pipeline


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Metatranscriptome@KIN analyzes RNA sequence data from NGS. It will monitor the transcripts present in the sample, such as soil, sludge, and feces, through frequency analysis of functional categories based on data from the NCBI COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups) database. You will receive the expressed protein functions, pathways related to those proteins, and the expected metabolic compounds as results from the analysis.


Metatranscriptome analysis is a method of understanding the mechanisms that allow culture-difficult microorganisms to survive in soil, water, the body, and extreme environments such as the deep sea. It has become a focus for applications in the medical, environmental, and energy fields as well as the field of drug discovery. This method of analysis focuses on metabolite compounds and the proteins produced in order for the microorganism to adapt for survival in its environment. To do so requires a technique for tracking the analysis, its metabolite compounds, and protein functions.


  • Reliable RNA-Seq metatranscriptome analysis pipeline using COG database and BLASTX

  • Biological function information displayed by COG functional categories

  • Metabolic compound info from proteins provided by “LSKB, Life Science Knowledge Bank” database

  • Provides pathways related to proteins

  • Multiple-sample analysis

  • User friendly interface –no programming skills required

  • Email notification when results are ready

  • Automatic generation of results as bar charts, pie charts, and frequency tables

  • Downloadable results (Zip file > unzip folder > open “HTML” folder > open “Index” folder to view results)

  • Select desired BLAST database: COG or NCBI nr Protein (coming soon)