Manage sample information and data analysis results

Laboserver is software that manages analysis data such as NGS and microarray, data from analysis machines along with annotations of genes or variants, experimental metadata, and sample information. This is an ideal tool compactly organize analysis results and information.  

LaboServer is useful to:

  • Manage generated data used with several processes in one project, containing many kinds of experiments with small quantity of experimental information

  • Manage generated data containing several projects whose experimental methods or ways of analysis need to be frequently changed 

  • Manage data or records for every lot and batch process

  • Manage data or information for the purpose of various screening

  • Manage data needs to be statistically processed and individual information of associative animals or patients 

  • Manage manual experimental data generated outside of a regular system or attached documents when test data needs to be reguarly processed under a full-automatic management system

  • Reduce back-up work of PC hard-disk expansion for each analysis machine, CD-ROM, or DVD


  • Manage an analyzed data file as one unit

  • Row data stored in an large external memory storage (file server, external HDD) is managed as a path URL

  • Data is manageable as a user or a group respectively

  • Multiple sample IDs are manageable as a unit of analysis data file

  • Manage analysis results and attached documents from sample information

  • Multiple analysis data can be grouped

  • Attach arbitary files (excel, word, etc) to registered data

  • Leave comments by attaching an arbitary tag (sting, number, ot link type) to a data file

  • Analysis data can be shared within a project or by all users

  • Avaibale on a web interface

Experimental data tracking in a network figure

Laboserver data management on NGS data

Save to file server
Intermediate process data
Result data
Attached data
File server
Save as summary and detail information
Manage saved location
Save as intermediate file mode
Save as complere level mode
Tag information
Attached meta information, external links, raw data management information
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Recommended system specification
Server: Windows 7 / Linux, minimum memory 8GB, minimum HDD 1T
Web browser: Google Chrome
Database: Oracle 11g or Postgre
For more details, please contact us. 


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