Homology Analyais Tool (FREE)

Homology Analysis Tool

(- includes BLAST, RDP Classifier, and 16S/28S/ITS databases (DDBJ New!))


This tool can be used to execute BLAST or RDP Classifier from fasta or fastq files.  It will annotate NGS data with taxonomic information about the microbial species in the sample. Local BLAST and RDP Classifier tools are included in the download folder, along with DDBJ, NCBI gbbct, UNITE ITS, and GreenGene databases.





Homology Analysis Tool for Windows 

(OS: Windows 10)


Homology Analysis Tool Features:

  • Miseq Pair-end Fastq file marging (Only for Windows)

  • Fastq File QC

  • Read Clustering

  • Local Blast

  • RDP classifier



This tool is provided free of charge courtesy of World Fusion.  It was created as a companion tool for Metagenome@Kin.