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We offer many analysis services, and our customizable services include annotating correlations between genes, proteins, diseases, and/or chemicals of interest. The annotations are generated from our proprietary curated knowledge base containing information extracted from over 60 public data sets, original in-house data, and a collection of over 75 million non-redundant chemical compounds. 






World Fusion's Services Include.....


NGS Data Analysis Services:


Variant Analysis

Analysis focuses on the SNP variant amino acid change and includes annotations of related diseases, genes, proteins, assays, ligands, SNPs, domains, and chemical compounds (active compound information, crystal structure, chemical formula, activities, etc.).


  • Target prediction, prioritization, and validation

  • Information about the compounds and proteins affected by the amino acid change

  • Compounds within 6Å likely affected by the amino acid mutations

  • SNPs and SNPs related to the disease



Expression Data Analysis

Over 20 kinds of annotation including: genes (ontology, pathways), proteins, diseases, domains, ligands, and compounds. Prioritization of genes and proteins can be executed from a variety of directions.


  • Statistical processing from expression values

  • Conversion and active compound information from proteins

  • Inhibitor compounds and inhibitory active compounds

  • Assay summary of the target listed by endpoint, such as Ki/IC50

  • Positive control chemicals



16S/28S/ITS rRNA Metagenomic Analysis

Metagenome data analysis of the compostion and diversity of microbial or fungal species from natural environments. Interactive HTML report with taxonomically classified charts & graphs, read counts, 2D, 3D, and interactive PCA plots, heat clustering maps, and self-organizing maps.


  • Metagenomic analysis of bacteria from species classification of taxonomic rank

  • Fungal metagenomic analysis from RDP Classifier results with ITS 1/2 sequence data

  • Interactive bar chart

  • Interactive sunburst graph

  • Multiple sample analysis

  • Interactive pie chart



Metatranscriptome Analysis

Analysis of the transcripts present in the RNA-seq data through frequency analysis of functional categories from the selected protein DB (such as COG). Result files include annotations from ligand information with related chemical compounds, pathways, and iPath.


  • Biological function information

  • Metabolic compound info from proteins

  • Multiple sample analysis

  • Bar charts, pie charts, and frequency tables



Metabolome Analysis (Coming Soon)

Result files include:

  • Target protein information from GC-MASS analysis data

  • Comparison analysis results from gene expression, RNA-seq data, and GC-MASS metabolome analysis

  • Commonly fluctuated proteins and pathways



Drug Discovery Research:



Target Prediction / Confirmation:

A list of targets based on similarity, molecular framework and/or substructures search using affinity values as prediction scores.

  • Compound similarity - known as active to targets

  • Hit compound mechanism of action

  • Membrane transport protein functions

  • Assay-based chemical interactions from genes/proteins

  • Chemical relations from IC50/EC50 values




In-Silico Data Mining Services:


• Genome Variants and Protein Modifications

• Therapeutic Target Discovery

• Drug Target Discovery

• On/Off Target Discovery

• Diagnostics

• Microbiome

• Metabolome

• Transcriptome



Gene/Protein Annotation Capabilities:


• Identify relationships beween genes and proteins or diseases

• Cite connections between genes or proteins and chemicals

• Extract bind/inhibit chemicals from proteins or genes

• Examine SNP information and association with disease

• Find bind/inhibit compounds and therapeutic targets from associated disease

• Gene expression prioritization from RNAseq data

• Search known functions of miRNA and extract genes and related diseases

• Identify chemical compounds associated with gene & amino acid mutations

• Predict target proteins and activity values by mining similarities between protein and chemical structures

• Examine pathways associated with significant genes and proteins


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